HelloParent Antenatal: The FULL course

For YOU if you want a FULL Antenatal Education; covering the INS & OUTS of ALL things BIRTH & POSTPARTUM recovery, including a wealth of resources. Taught weekly via zoom in group or private sessions.

£149 Group Classes

Why HelloParent!?

It is for ALL!

Whether it be a natural home-birth, a hospital cesarean or anything in between, integral to our teachings here at HelloParent is working with parents to get them INFORMED, PREPARED and most of all, EXCITED for birth!

We invite birth partners to attend the programme, but we also understand that life is not always so simple, and you are therefore welcome to, instead, bring a family member or friend to complete the programme with you!


The Full Course  explores MENTAL, PHYSICAL and PRACTICAL preparation for birth and parenthood. 

You will learn the PHYSIOLOGY of birth, the POWER of the mind-body connection, the PRACTICALITIES of preparing for birth & parenthood.   

You will come away with a heap of PRACTICES & techniques that support a happy and EMPOWERING birth. 

 This course provides KNOWLEDGE for INFORMED decision making, RELEASES fears & INSTILS confidence for birth & beyond! 

PLUS, The content is taught in an interactive and informal manner, full of modern information and taught with bags of enthusiasm!

What is included?! 

6 TWO hour sessions taught across 6 weeks!

Summary & Practice sheets following each session!

Resources; including birth plans, audios & guidelines! 

A complimentary 1:1 session before your birth!

A lifetime membership to the HelloParent Hub!

Direct contact with your teacher to ask questions in between sessions!

When, where, how?! 


The Private & Group courses are currently taught ONLINE; initially introduced this way due to the outbreak of  Covid 19 and established as a form of teaching because, understandably, many people want to enjoy preparing for birth from the comfort of their own home!

There are a maximum of 6 couples on the online courses, to ensure an interactive and intimate setting is maintained.

Course Dates

It has been a BUSY start to the year for HelloParent & availability for the next GROUP course starts from MAY 2021.

In the meantime, please check out THE SHORT COURSE & BIRTH COACHING sessions.

It is up to you, when you start Antenatal Education, we recommend anytime after 20 weeks. 

MAY Starting 6/5/21 (Thursday 7-9pm)

JUNE Starting 1/6/ 21 (Tuesday 7-9pm)

JULY Starting 1/7/ 21 (Thursday 7-9pm)

AUGUST Starting 3/8/ 21 (Tuesday 7-9pm)

SEPTEMBER Starting 2/9/ 21 (Thursday 7-9pm)

OCTOBER Starting 5/10/ 21 (Tuesday 7-9pm)

NOVEMBER Starting 4/11/ 21 (Thursday 7-9pm)

DECEMBER Starting 2/12/ 21 (Tuesday 7-9pm)

JANUARY Starting 13/01/ 22 (Thursday 7-9pm)

Private courses are available from April, spaces are limited, please email alice@hello-parent.co.uk to discuss dates & specifics

£149 BOOK NOW (Group Course)



Each course is taught by Alice, founder of HelloParent, who has a diploma in Hypnobirthing and is a registered KGHypnobirthing practitioner, accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.