About HelloParent

Hello Parent

HelloParent is proud to introduce the new era of parenting education; an innovative online platform that supports the journey of the emerging parent.  Here at HelloParent we aim to unlock the natural skills we all possess to have a calm pregnancy, empowered birth and positive experience of parenthood.

Everything we do here at HelloParent is underpinned by our two pillars; education & community. We aim to teach and empower, inform and support, and create a community to see parents through pregnancy and into the magical (and sometimes manic) journey of parenthood. 

HelloParent specialises in providing support for the whole family, and not just for mum, gone are the days when the Birth Partner stood on the sidelines. HelloParent offers a safe space for all, whether it be Mum and Dad, Mum and Mum,  Dad and Dad or a Single-parent family our platform is all-inclusive.

HelloParent offers membership to an exclusive members-only online platform; the  HelloParent Hub. This is a unique online community for new and expectant parents. From yoga sessions, to question and answer sessions with midwives, the Hub is a place for sharing, learning and experiencing all things parenthood, together. To learn more about the Hub click here.

HelloParent also offers innovative online Antenatal classes; using the principles of Hypnobirthing, the knowledge of the antenatal system and an honest approach to birth education, HelloParent Antenatal equips you with the skills and knowledge you need for a calm and empowered birth. Click here to learn more about HelloParent Antenatal.

Welcome, we are so excited to have you on this journey with us!