About HelloParent Antenatal

Helloparent Antenatal is the new era of Birth Education, providing  PRACTICAL, MODERN and HONEST Antenatal courses and Birth Coaching.

I help parents-to-be PREPARE themselves mentally, physically & practically for a POSITIVE birth experience & start to PARENTHOOD.

An expert in relieving fear and getting parents prepared for birth I use the principles of Hypnobirthing, with a 21st century twist, to get you INFORMED, CONFIDENT & EXCITED for your birth experience! 

Is HelloParent Antenatal for YOU? 

If YOU or your partner is PREGNANT then YES, our courses are for ALL births in ALL settings and for ALL family set ups. 

… but to CONFIRM, it is for YOU if…

You have FEARS about birth you want to expel!⁣

You want to be educated & CONFIDENT about birth!⁣

You want to feel PREPARED and empowered!!

You want to LET GO of any negativity you have about birth! 

… and if (like me) you want to be IN CONTROL of your birth!

Courses & Coaching

HelloParent Antenatal: The SHORT course: £15

For YOU if you are looking for an INSTANT, accessible and practical OVERVIEW of birth preparation. This audio course gives you TWO HOURS of  birth education & a wealth of BONUS resources; great if you are looking for a STARTING point, a REFRESHER or are SHORT ON TIME!

HelloParent Antenatal: The FULL course: Group: £149, Private: £299

For YOU if you want a FULL Antenatal Education; this is 12 hours over 6 weeks and covers the INS & OUTS of ALL things BIRTH & POSTPARTUM recovery, including a wealth of resources. Taught weekly via zoom in group or private sessions. 

HelloParent Antenatal: Birth Coaching: £25 per hour

This is for YOU if you are looking for PRIVATE, BESPOKE coaching in a SPECIFIC area. PERSONALISED resources & Follow up included. Perfect if you have SPECIFIC fear or concern, want a PERSONALISED REFRESHER  or are looking to be INFORMED in a precise area of birth preparation. Delivered via zoom.

Client Compliments:

“We had the BEST first session of our antenatal class yesterday.I highly recommend them, Alice is so knowledgeable and so welcoming. She made myself and my partner feel at ease from the beginning. I was a bit nervous about how my partner would take to the sessions but he loved it just as much as I did. We can’t wait for our session next week but until then, we have some fun homework to do” 

-Gemma Mary

“Passionate & Genuine!”

– Rebbeca Jane

“I was so nervous about birth before I did Alice’s course! She gave us all the information to write a birth plan that we were both excited about! We took away practices which we have been doing every day and we both cannot wait for the birth of our daughter!”

-Catherine & Daniel Rogers.

“Alice is SOO passionate about what she teaches, she is enthusiastic and honest. I wanted a realistic antenatal course and that is what I got! Highly recommended!

-Dannielle Riley

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